Unlock a New Way To Raise Money Using Social Influence and Brand Sponsorship With Ease.


The Problem

Looking For

Better ways to raise money and build communities with limited time and budget

Engaging Donors

And reaching millennials and Gen-Z is hard because they demand authenticity and a better use of social influence

Showing Sponsorship

Values for current and future donations with action-based, cause-aligned, peer to peer shared exposure

People desire a meaningful/impactful use of social media and personal Data

Cause Benefits

Sponsorship brands

Looking for better ways to advertise and connect with customers doing goodwill


Snaps a selfie, pic or video owning and sharing their challenge in an intimate way

$ is donated

After every challenge completed in a clearly branded Ad that monetizes social influence the moment goodwill is the highest

Brand/cause message

Reaches new participants as users organically share their challenge peer-to-peer expanding overall impact

The Fun’dertising Process

Data and Analytics That Benefit Everyone

A WIN-WIN-WIN for People, Causes and Brands